Change Together

Systemic issues require systemic change.
We can only do it together.

First things first.  Thank you to Keel Middleton, retired BNSF engineer, for allowing me to use the pictures on my site.  Your generosity is appreciated.  

Terry D. Smith is running for SMART-TD President. He is an experienced locomotive engineer, accomplished attorney, U.S. Army officer and helicopter pilot. His diverse background—ranging from operating freight trains for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Co. to practicing labor and employment law—provides a comprehensive perspective on the challenges facing railway workers and drivers as well. 

With firsthand industry experience, an in-depth understanding of labor regulations, litigation skills, and a proven track record in leadership roles, Terry is a dynamic candidate uniquely qualified to advocate for the rights and welfare of union members, ensuring their interests are well-represented.

Please help spread the word to all rail workers, whether they are employed in TY&E or not, regardless of craft, union, or carrier, and regardless of whether they belong to SMART-TD or not, and ask them please to pass this information to every rail worker they know. Only by spreading the word and insuring that each locals’ delegates to the SMART convention vote for Terry will stand a chance of affecting meaningful change.

Terry’s approach is to take concise and measured action on the legislation and regulations that affect rail workers the most. The address of these policies is critical to unlocking the power to negotiate a fair and equitable future for labor.

The RLA is antiquated and its time to bring this legislation into the modern age. I have a plan to update the RLA and ensure it is fair to all workers.

For too long carriers have abused FMLA. Rail employees alone are required 1250 hours on duty to receive FMLA protection.

Rail employees need dedicated counsel for contracts and/or negotiation. We need to support members where it counts.


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