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Together we can build a movement to fight for the rights and dignity of rail workers.

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Terry Smith is a candidate for Smart TD President, a former army officer, helicopter pilot, and a licensed attorney with a focus in employment and labor law. He has also spent 20 years as a conductor and engineer for BNSF Railway Co.

At 100 years old, the Railway Labor Act in no way reflects today’s America.  It was passed at a time when rail was the only way to move people and freight around the country.  Yet, we are still strapped with a law that ties our hands to obtain a fair and equitable contract.  THIS MUST CHANGE and that change starts with me!

As operators, assault and retaliation are the two biggest issues you face.  We must conintue to demand enforcement of existing laws and passage of new laws on the federal level.  Also, we, as a union, need to provide training on how to express concerns about public safety and retain your Constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment.

How I propose to help improve accessibility to training for local officers using the Secure Member Portal.

Two Person Crews and other Legislative agenda items.

My take on how best to secure such public safety items as two person crew consist, block crossing and limit train length.

Conrail and BLET v UP Decisions

In this video Terry explains express vs implied agreements and how carriers use them to their advantage in the Railway Labor Act.

Legal Representation

Rail employees need dedicated counsel for contracts and/or negotiation. We need to support members where it counts.

Coordinate with legal counsel for FMLA assistance.

With the carrier’s draconian attendance policies, more and more people are seeking help in managing their own or a loved one’s serious medical conditions.  And more and more the carriers are making it harder to get approval for FMLA leave.  There are legal resources out ther for help and those resources need to be tapped.

Smith v. BNSF - lawsuit for unpaid training.

This explains the lawsuit against BNSF and three General Chairmen of the UTU for an agreement, that is still in force today.  The agreement requires transferring conductors to familiarize (train) when they transfer from one territory to another or from one heritage line to another for no pay.  It is my position that this violates the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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